The Tick and Flea season is upon us!


Avoiding tick infested areas is the best way to protect your pet from Lyme and other diseases such as tick paralysis.  This is especially true in the spring when young ticks are most active.  Here in the Okanagan we have seen a great rise in ticks in the last five years. It’s very important in this area to administer tick prevention to your pet. If this isn’t done year round it should at least be done from April until October.  A product from your Veterinarian is much safer and works more effectively on your pet then any pet store products. It’s important to routinely check your animals for ticks, particularly if you live in high risk areas or have recently visited one. We have access to a reliable blood test so if you are concerned about Lyme’s Disease we can help you. Please call our office for more information.


Fleas are small, parasitic insects that feed by sucking blood from mammals and birds. While immature fleas do not bite, adult fleas usually feed several times a day. They can jump up to 20 cm (8 inches) vertically and 41 cm (just under 16 inches) horizontally. This means that they can spread quickly and infestations may be difficult to eradicate. These parasites can carry other parasites too. Take measures to keep these critters away from your pet.

Nexgard® Chewables
from the makers of FRONTLINE® Plus”

The soft, beef-flavored chew that kills both
fleas and ticks. NexGard not only kills both fleas and ticks, it’s also in the form of a soft, beef-flavored chew.