Did you know that we are now certified to perform PennHip Procedures here at Central Animal Hospital?

Dr. Autumn Pulfer is now certified in PennHip procedures.

Hip dysplasia remains the most common heritable orthopedic condition seen in veterinary practice.  Hip dysplasia is a laxity or looseness in the hip joints which over time leads to arthritis and pain in the hips.

The Penn HIP technique is the best way to measure hip laxity in dogs and can be performed as young as 4 months of age.  The other most common method of checking for hip dysplasia are OFA radiographs. However, this technique can only be done on dogs over 2 years of age and this technique vastly underestimates the number of dogs with hip dysplasia.  The information derived from the Penn HIP procedure can estimate the risk a dog has of developing arthritis from hip dysplasia later in life.  With this information owners can work with their veterinarians to take measures to help reduce risk factors that contribute to increased arthritis formation and increased pain.   For more information please contact us at Central Animal Hospital.